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Wildcraft's best-selling moisturizing oil is a rich and concentrated formula that provides the skin with all the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals it craves. Ideal for individuals with dry and dehydrated or mature skin, this oil helps restore the skin's moisture balance and increase firmness, while also softening fine lines and encouraging regeneration for a youthful radiance. It is formulated with carefully selected ingredients such as seabuckthorn, palmarosa, and carrot root to deeply nourish dry complexions. This serum glides on smoothly and is quickly absorbed, making it perfect for use on its own or layered under cream or lotion for a deeper dose of hydration. With its ability to provide a rejuvenating boost to the skin, this restorative formula is a luxurious addition to any skincare routine.



1 oz | 30 ml

A concentrated, restorative formula rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. This lightweight formula glides on and absorbs quickly while hydrating and deeply nourishing the skin. Composed of active ingredients such as seabuckthorn, rosehip and Ontario hemp seed oil, it works to eliminate dehydration and encourages cellular renewal. Palmarosa also balances skin's sebum production, making this an ideal staple for all skin types.

97% organic . vegan . cruelty-free

- A high concentration of fatty acids nourishes and plumps skin
- Rapid absorption of nutrients lifts skin’s appearance
- Gentle antibacterial properties helps to combat breakouts

Scent profile: Fresh and uplifting, with a subtle woodsy and citrus undertone.

Rice bran oil*
Meadowfoam seed oil*
Rosehip seed oil*
Hemp seed oil*
Sunflower oil* with carrot extract*
Seabuckthorn oil
Frankincense and Palmarosa* essential oils
Rosemary leaf extract

* organic


97% organic
Certified cruelty-free
Benefits & Effects


Face oils are rich formulas that deliver plant extracts, antioxidants, botanical oils, and essential oils directly into the skin. They help to moisturize, soften, and aid in addressing skin concerns, like dullness or fine lines. For especially dry skin, a face oil can be applied before a moisturizer for ultra-deep nourishment.

How to use:

1. After cleansing and toning, dispense a few drops onto clean, damp skin
2. Massage in circular and upward motions until fully absorbed


Rice bran oil*
Jojoba oil*
Rosehip seed oil*
Hemp seed oil*
Carrot* infused Sunflower oil*
Seabuckthorn oil
Frankincense and Palmarosa* essential oils
Rosemary leaf extract


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