Founder - Katrina

Katrina has a passion for business. She loves the freedom of allowing the creative process unfold. In the little details and daily bits of joy can create the most magical outcomes. Her first business came about after making candles as a Christmas gift one year. She enjoyed the process so much she started making them for everyone. In those early days she woke up before dawn to get to the market to share her soy candles with the world. This was a time when no one knew about a soy candle and being able to share this with the everyone really motivated Katrina to keep going.

In 2019, after watching a cbc documentary on plastic, she began to look at what her impact was on the planet. She consumed numerous plastic bottles each day and didn't even realize that by placing the plastic top back on that bottle it was not being recycled. She went to many zero waste stores to try anything she could to reduce her impact and found these places to feel very foreign and she really felt lost in the process. This is when she started Eco-Refillary. She really wanted a space for customers to go to feel empowered by the positive changes they were making, while guiding them through the process and being sure to make it a full service experience. Wherever you are in your journey, remember we do not need to be perfect. Even if we ALL choose to refill 1 item of plastic, what an impact that could have.  

In August of 2020 She opened her first retail location and curates items that resonate with her customers and communities energy, keeping it high and hopes to change how we view consumerism. There is definitely a spark of magic in the community of Flesherton and feels very blessed to be a part of such a great village.

It is her belief that by following these 4 pillars Mind, Body, Spirit and Planet when we shop, we can reduce the amount of impulse purchases, you know, those purchases that we later regret because it turns out maybe we don't need a tool for everything and in fact we have to store all of these gadgets somewhere too! Where we choose to spend our dollars matter. There is a freedom in making space and consuming less but at the same time consuming more of the things that spark real joy!

Katrina wants others to know that we really can achieve anything we focus on and our potential is limitless. She is serious about her goals and recently competed in fitness where she placed top 3 in all categories. Community is very important and hopes to continue to create a space for people to share their own experiences. She wants to create a life living with true intent. Finding moments of joy in each and every day and knowing that the journey truly is the magic. She wants the same for you too.