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Can Prev D3

Can Prev D3

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Embrace the Sun's Secret: Meet Vitamin D, your sunshine boost! When it's missing, kids face rickets, adults grapple with weakened bones, joint discomfort, and more. This superhero nutrient is your bone's best friend, partnering with calcium and phosphorus to keep you strong.

Crucial North Star: In Canada's sun-scarce winters, Vitamin D reigns supreme. It's your ticket to strong bones, teeth, and overall vitality. Each bottle houses a whopping 450 drops of this liquid gold!

Your Health Defender: Vitamin D is your ally for good health. It's your bone's steadfast companion, teeth's guardian, and an antidote to deficiency. It's your calcium and phosphorus sidekick, and when combined with exercise and a balanced diet, it's your defense against osteoporosis.

User Manual: From infants onward, 1 drop a day is the winning formula. But as always, your healthcare pro's advice rules!

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