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Routine Deodorant Curator Tube (Baking Soda Free)

Routine Deodorant Curator Tube (Baking Soda Free)

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Gently apply to your underarms and any external area of your body where you desire a delightful scent. A little application goes a long way, ensuring a lasting effect.

Introducing our BAKING SODA FREE solution, tailored for those with sensitive skin. This formula is curated for individuals seeking the utmost smoothness. Harnessing the power of dietary magnesium, it not only banishes odors but also nurtures relaxed underarms, preserving the natural balance of your skin.

Experience a 1-3 month supply of this unique blend, carefully designed for individuals with extra sensitivity. The product maintains its quality for up to 12 months once opened.

Why the absence of baking soda, you ask? Baking soda, due to its alkaline nature, can occasionally disrupt pH balance, leading to skin sensitivity in specific individuals. Our innovative replacement is dietary magnesium – a mineral with multiple benefits. Magnesium, when deficient, can exacerbate sweat odor. Moreover, its calming properties extend to stress-related perspiration. Embrace the wonders of magnesium as you discover a gentle and effective approach to personal care.

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