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Candle Refill FOREST

Candle Refill FOREST

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Candle Refills are made to be used in our Jesmonite Candle Jars Found here! They will also fit a jar with a 3" diameter.  

Scent Description: The crackle of a twig branch as your foot lands on the earth. The sweet smell of the crisp, morning air. Walking amongst the trees with the flow of life. Holding the essence of nature. Forest reminds us to stay rooted where we are and to continue to bloom a little more with each passing day. Notes of Earth, leaves and woodsy at its base.

Essential Oils of: Cedarwood + Pine + Black Spruce


Soy/Coconut Wax Candle

Cotton Wick

100% Essential Oils

Derived completely from nature. 

Indulge your senses.

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