Covid - 19

What are we doing to minimize your exposure


We take COVID seriously and want to keep you and our staff safe during this very uncertain time.

We have set up policies and procedures to ensure your safety whether you visit the store, shop online or order delivery.

  1. We continue to accept your containers. It is so important for us to continue this so we have set up some extra steps to keep this a safe option. Please clean your jars before coming into the shop. We will do the refilling for you to keep contamination to a minimum. Once your jar is refilled we will disinfect the jar before returning to the customer. Pumps and jars are disinfected between refills. For our delivery customers, we will pick your empty jars up and right now just keeping them in storage. Once restrictions have lifted we will recirculate them on our deliveries but for now we have halted reusing jars and you will get a brand new mason jar on each delivery.
  2. Please wear a mask in the store. If you have a medical condition and cannot wear a mask, please keep your distance and be respectful of others.
  3. We are limiting customers to 4 at a time.
  4. We are cleaning high touch surfaces multiple times per day and before opening and at closing the store is deep cleaned.
  5. After each transaction the counter and terminals are all disinfected.
  6. Staff wear masks and sanitize in between customers for your safety.
  7. To limit contact during deliveries we will leave package on the front porch and send an email confirming delivery. If you would like an alternate delivery drop off kindly leave a note at checkout or send an email to and we will be happy to accommodate any way we can.