This week on the blog I wanted to share some tips on how you can level up your self care.

Self care has been a word easily tossed around these days. First, let’s clear the air on what self care IS NOT.

-It is not a way to excuse behaviour.

-It is not always easy or fun.

-It does not have to be fancy.

Self care is a sacred time, a time to show up for you and where you are focusing on the betterment of YOU!

This is personal for everyone. It is a ritual for you to develop that relationship with yourself.

Dedicate time each week to create space for this. It can be waking up a little earlier or set aside a little time before bed.

Ask yourself the areas you would like to work on.

We are generally all very, very busy. Running from one task to the next. Self care for the extra busy mom might look like taking time to be still, maybe through meditation, soaking in a tub, gazing into the flicker of a candle or taking a walk to ground her and bring her back to the present moment. Find ways that feel good to you. Even 5 minutes a day can add up over time.



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