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Nourish Face Mask

Nourish Face Mask

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Luxury Unveiled: Whipped Creamy Clay Mask

Indulge in Deep Hydration: Immerse your skin in opulent care with our whipped, creamy clay mask. Tailored for all skin types, it's a decadent delight, especially cherished by combination or dry and dehydrated skin.

Unlock the Glow:

  • Radiant Revelation: Unveil the secret to a brighter, more nourished you. Our mask is a testament to this transformative journey.

  • Mineral Magic: Infused with mineral-rich pink clay, your skin gets a boost of vitality, while colloidal oats exfoliate gently.

  • Nature's Elixir: Fresh Ontario honey joins the mix, showering your skin with love. It's a synergy of nature's finest.

Elevate Your Skincare Ritual: With each weekly use, watch as dullness fades, fine lines smooth, and suppleness is restored. Let your skin embrace the touch of opulence – it's a journey worth every sensation.

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