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Floor Wash by Mint Cleaning

Floor Wash by Mint Cleaning

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Mint Floor Wash: Elevate Your Cleaning Experience!

Unleash the Power of Concentration: Mint Floor Wash is your secret weapon against dirt and odors, delivering a lasting streak-free shine that shines bright.

Nature's Touch for All Floors:

  • Mighty on Dirt, Gentle on Surfaces: Our concentrated formula is a warrior against dirt and odors, while maintaining a gentle touch on all floor types.

  • Pure Plant-Based Brilliance: Crafted from 100% all-natural plant-based ingredients, it's the eco-conscious way to clean.

  • A Symphony of Scents: Infused with the pure organic essences of Rosemary, Mint, and Orange, your space will bloom with a fresh and clean aroma.

Elevate Every Step: From hardwood to tile, let Mint Floor Wash redefine your cleaning standards while leaving behind a trail of invigorating scents.

456ml refillable glass bottle.

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