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Miceller Cleansing Water

Miceller Cleansing Water

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Introducing the 95% Organic Micellar Water - the perfect solution for removing makeup and impurities from the skin. This versatile product also doubles as a hydrating oil cleanser and restoring toner, eliminating the need for water in your cleansing routine.

Crafted for individuals seeking a natural and gentle way to remove makeup, dirt, pollution, and toxins without compromising the skin's natural protective barrier, this micellar water is a must-have for sensitive skin. Handmade in Canada with a blend of organic ingredients, including Rose Water, Witch Hazel, and Glycerin, it effectively cleanses and tones the skin.

Infused with Aloe Vera, this organic micellar water helps prevent inflammation while soothing and hydrating the skin. Its nourishing properties make it an ideal choice for individuals looking for a natural alternative to traditional makeup removers.


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