Malechemy Shave Kit

Malechemy Shave Kit

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{shaving cream + shaving brush + aftershave + travel bag}

The perfect shave requires a great shaving cream, a shaving brush and a soothing aftershave. This kit has it all. Shave is a foaming lotion with a silky texture that provides the perfect glide and smoothest shave. Our Bay Rum Aftershave soothes skin and refines pores to prevent ingrown hairs and irritation. Made with natural ingredients suitable for sensitive skin.

Shave - Fir Balsam + Clove 
Ingredients: Virgin coconut oil*, coco glucosideglycerincucumberaloe leaf juice*, xanthan gumsodium levulinatesodium anisatetocopherolfir balsam essential oilvanilla essential oilclove essential oil*.  
*certified organic 

Bay Rum Aftershave
Ingredients: Tea tree hydrosol*, aloe vera juice*, witch hazel hydrosolxanthan gumglycerinsodium levulinatesodium anisatebay rum essential oilbergamot essential oilclove essential oil*.                                 
*certified organic 

Instructions: Work a small amount of SHAVE onto the skin with your shave brush. Follow with Bay Rum Aftershave. 



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