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Light Pad

Light Pad

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The average person who uses disposable menstruation products spends more than $9000 in their life. All of that money is essentially thrown out and spends hundreds of years in the landfill.

It's time to switch and ditch the plastic products and put something beautiful and comfortable in your undies! You deserve it.

Each panty liner absorbency pad is made to suit your light flow needs. They are great on their own or even as back up to be used with other menstruation products.

Each pad is made with:
100% cotton topper
organic bamboo fleece core
anti pill, water resistant fleece backer
snap closure

CARE: simply wear, rinse in cold water and wash in the regular cycle of your washing machine. Hang or lay flat to dry. For tough stains use stain stick or hang in sun.

** can also be used for bladder leakage caused by incontinence.

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