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Our soy/coconut wax candle is infused with the relaxing and soothing scents of lavender and sage, creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere in any space. As you light this candle, allow your mind to quiet down, and create space for reflection and rest.

The lavender essential oil provides a gentle and calming aroma that helps to promote relaxation and ease tension. Its soothing properties can help to calm the mind and promote a restful night's sleep.

The sage essential oil offers a grounding and purifying aroma that can help to clear the air and promote a sense of balance and harmony. Its earthy scent can help to provide a sense of stability and grounding.

Together, these essential oils create a dreamy and peaceful aroma that allows the mind to be quiet and the body to rest. As you gaze outside and watch the rain hit the pavement, take a deep breath in and let go of the day as it comes to a close.

This candle is perfect for use during times of stress, anxiety, or fatigue. It can be used in the evening to wind down and prepare for sleep, or during the day to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

And as with our other candles, this candle is made with care and attention to detail in our shop located in Flesherton, Ontario. Every candle is crafted using high-quality ingredients and expertly blended to create a unique and memorable scent experience.

Indulge your senses.


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