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Children's Multivitamin Genestra

Children's Multivitamin Genestra

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Zesty Papaya-Orange Punch in Chewable Kid's Vitamins!

Growth in Every Gobble: Brace for the ultimate blend of vitamins and minerals that fuel your child's growth journey. Niacin, thiamine, and biotin - the energy spark plugs for the Krebs cycle; B6, B12, and folate - the transformation squad for protein synthesis.

Mighty Bone Booster: Meet magnesium - bones' best pal, fueling the bone-building warriors, osteoblasts. Vitamin D's in too, paving the way for calcium and phosphorus to craft strong bone mineralization. 400 IU of vitamin D daily powers young bones forward.

Collagen Commander: Vitamin C - the mastermind behind bones, teeth, and collagen creation. Watch your kid's connective tissue thrive while wound healing gains a superhero ally.

Guardian of Senses: Vitamin A - skin's shield, immune hero, night vision keeper. It's got your child's eyes, skin, and immune cells covered, ensuring a full and vibrant adventure ahead.

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