The beginning

Our Story

When I started in the back of my van in August of 2019 I hoped to share what i had learned about recycling and alternatives. I was incredibly grateful when offered indoor market space after only 2 weeks. March 2020 the market was closed (due to covid) and I pivoted online in 4 days. I delivered to you. and grew into a store and then to "we" with our first employee!!

Our mission never changed. And today we are proud to call the corner of 10 & 4 in Flesherton, Ontario "where the magic happens" because everyday we have the power to be the change. Our ripple will impact. I am proud of the impact this has made on those around me and even my sister has made this her mission now too! She opened her very own sustainable store in Guelph called The Refill Bar. Please visit her if you are in the Guelph area!

Eco-Refillary is a place for open communication, no judgement and a moment of pause from everyday chaos. It is an experience and a way for us to share a journey to a more sustainable future, one refill at a time.